R&D and Drug Discovery Services

Synthesis and semi synthesis of a novel compound is the first major step in discovery services, our main focus is on medicinal chemistry R&D and drug discovery. The research division covers small molecule inhibitor research, peptide synthesis (solid phase), chiral compounds, antibiotic & non-antibiotic segments.

The focus is on,

  • Drug Discovery Research: Identification of hit to lead for various CNS, oncology targets. Usage of computational modeling, virtual screening and other efficient methods to assist discovery research.
  • New Reactions: Development of new reactions and methodologies for the efficient synthesis of bioactive molecules from lab to kilo scale.
  • Services for PET and SPECT imaging: We are keen in providing medicinal chemistry services to academic, industrial and research institutions for developing PET imaging compounds (reference and precursor compounds).
  • Cancer research: On-demand synthesis of molecules to support cancer research in pre-clinical and clinical settings for academia and industry.
  • Inhibitor Discovery Services (not limited to): CNS discovery, neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation, Kinase inhibitors, Ion Channel discovery, Epigenetics, Heat Shock Proteins, Cannabinoid receptors (and related enzymes), COX, MMP, HIV protease, PI3K, PARP, Raf, SGLT, mTOR, JAK, JNJ, HER2, GABA, GluR, GSK, caspase.
  • Assay Development
  • Research on Contrast agents, Optical and Fluorescence imaging agents, NIR imaging agents and dyes.

Analytical R&D:

Equipped with the state of art facility to meet international standards, this division plays a pivotal role in setting the product standards and ensuring our services are on par with current global requirements.

Characterization of Active Ingredients, Intermediates and Impurities and evaluation of product quality is done using an array of in-house modern techniques such as HPLC, GC-MS, IR, UV, polarimeter and other chemical analysis methods. On top of this a through NMR analysis are done to every single product. To comply with the varied quality requirements globally, the Analytical R&D and QC ensures the quality of the finished products with regard to

  • Bio active content (Assay/ Purity/Related Substances).
  • Limitations of Heavy metals, Residual solvents, other physical and chemical parameters as per the specifications and regularity guidelines.

Pilot Plant:

  • Energetic, motivated & highly skilled team capable of handling pilot plant efficiently.
  • Multiproduct Classified area as per cGMP, capable of executing simultaneous and continuous scale up batches.
  • Equipped with GLR, SSR (total capacity of 2000L), Filters, Dryers, Multimill, Micronizer, Blender & Sifter.

Microbiology Division:

Microbiological Division screens the various active pharmaceutical ingredients and fine chemicals for microbial compliance in accordance with global requirements.

Formulation Division:

The Formulations R&D division forms the convergence of the various product concepts that have been developed as ingredients. Bioactive, based on their activity and functionality, are molded into various forms.

Prototypes development of a number of solid, liquid and semisolid dosage forms, dietary supplement concepts is one of the core activities of this division.

Formulations R&D division plays a major role in providing a solid foundation for the business development activities.

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